About the Department

The Department of English was established in the year 1954. The Bachelor’s programme was started in 1964 to empower students from the economically and socially marginalized sections of society, by enabling them to acquire English language skills for employability and to face the challenges of the world. The Master’s programme was begun in the year 1997, MPhil in 2007, two additional sections for the Bachelor’s programme in 2008 and was granted affiliation by Thiruvalluvar University for the PhD programme in English in 2009. A certificate course in Communicative English funded by the UGC is offered by the Department and is approved by Thiruvalluvar University. The Department has a MoU with ebek to conduct the Business English Certificate Course and Examinations of Cambridge University. The English Language Laboratory is equipped with the state-of-art facilities to enhance language and communicative skills of the students. The English Literary Association and the Journalism and Theatre Clubs strive to hone the writing, dramatic and creative skills of students. The Journalism Club publishes creative writing and research articles in the annual journal Sibylline. The Theatre Club organizes Workshops to showcase the theatrical skills of the students.

The Department of English fosters the study of English for communication and the appreciation of classical and new literatures to be ennobled by the cultural ethos for personal enhancement and to serve the society and the nation.

Course Offered

Academic Courses
CoursesUGUGPGM.PhilPh. D
B.A. EnglishB.A. English ‘B’ Section (Additional Section)B.A. English ‘C’ Section (Additional Section)M.A. EnglishEnglishEnglish
Established Year196420082008199720072009

Certificate Courses

  • UGC Sponsored Certificate Course in Communication Skills – II Years UG Students
  • Department MoUs – EBEC - Cambridge Assessment English (Business English Certificate Course)

Refreshers’ Course

  • Remedial Courses offered by the Department on every Wednesday (2- 3 PM) For History Main Students
  • Bridge Courses offered by the Department from July – August for First Years UG Students from regional medium (Every Year)

Ms. Geetha R.

M.A., M.Phil., (Ph.D.)ProfessorII View

Ms. Sathiyabama T.

M.A., M.phil., SETProfessorII View

Ms. Gayathri R.

M.A., M.Phil.,ProfessorII View

Ms. Priyadharshni V.R.

M.A., (Ph.D.)ProfessorII View

Ms. Amudha R.

M.A., B.Ed., SETProfessorII View

Ms. Janani U.

M.A., M.Phil.ProfessorI View

Ms. Uthrra S.

M.A., M.Phil.ProfessorII View

Dr. Chitralekha D

M.A., M.Phil, SET, Ph.D.ProfessorII View

Ms. Nisha K.A.

M.A., M.Phil.ProfessorII View

Ms. Nimla Esther B.

M.A., (M.Phil)ProfessorI View

Ms. Isvarya P.

M.A., M.Phil., NETProfessorII View

Ms. Kirupa T.

M.A., NET, M.PhilProfessorII View

Dr. (Ms.) Vernum Cecilia P.A.A.

M.A., M.Phil.,Ph.D.,ProfessorI View

Dr. (Sr.) Amala Valarmathy A.

M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D.ProfessorI View

Dr.(Ms.) Mary Gabriel I.

M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D.ProfessorI View

Dr(Ms) Amutha Arockia Mary PR

M.A., M.Phil, LLB,Ph.D.ProfessorI View

Dr(Ms.) Hilda Princi Annie.S

M.A. M.Phil.,NET, SET Ph.D.ProfessorI View

Ms. Devanayagi A.

M.A., M.Phil., SLET., NET, (Ph.D.)ProfessorI View

Dr.(Ms.)Kalai Selvi R.H.

M.A. M.Phil,SET, NET,Ph.D.ProfessorI View

Dr.(Ms.) Latha E.

M.A. B.Ed., Ph.D.ProfessorII View

Ms. Anitha daisy Winfred

M.A. (PH.D.)ProfessorI View

Ms. Harit Portia n

M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D.ProfessorII View

Dr. Jancy Nandhini Feleciya A.

M.A. Ph.D.ProfessorI View

Ms. Rajathi M.

(M.A.)ProfessorI View

Ms. Arthi K.

(M.A.)ProfessorII View

Dr. Sangamitra B

M.A., M.Phil.,Ph.D.ProfessorI View

Placement Details


Year Passed out

No. of students admitted

No. of students opted Higher Education

No. of Students placed

2015 – 2016




2016 – 2017




2017 – 2018




2018 – 2019   



No. of students opting Higher Education

No. of Students placed in Organizations

2015 – 2016



2016 – 2017



2017 – 2018



2018 – 2019  

Distinguished Alumnae Details


Candidate Name

Passed – Out Year

Present Status


Ms. Gayathri V. P.


The Head, Department of English, D. K. M. College (Autonomous), Vellore.


Ms. Ilakkiya S.


Indian Administrative Officer (District Collector).

Innovative Practices of the Department

  • Purchase of Daily Newspapers by Students
  • Micro Teaching
  • Screening Movies
  • Timely Feedback
  • Book Bank
  • Encouraging Creativity
  • In – House Journal
  • Paper Presentations
  • Book Reviews
  • Research Projects
  • E – Books and NET Sources
  • Virtual Laboratory
  • Bridge Course for all the I – Year Pupils
  • Remedial Class for the Deliberate learners


  • Faculty Achievements (Awards/Recognition)
    • Amutha Arockia Mary P. R. – Nodal Officer for District Youth Parliament
  • Student Achievements (Results)
BatchNo. of students admittedNo. of students passedPass Percentage
2013 – 1620818991.1
2014 – 1720717886.02
2015 – 1820017084.91
2016 – 19
BatchNo. of students admittedNo. of students passedPass Percentage
2014 – 16434194.44
2015 – 17423683.72
2016 – 18403997.56
2017 – 19
BatchNo. of students admittedNo. of students passedPass Percentage
2015 – 161212100
2016 – 170909100
2017 – 180909100
2018 – 19

Programmes Organized

State level/National level/International level

(Details of Workshops, Conferences, Seminars and any other activity conducted by the department in State level/National level/International level)
  • International Conference in English Language and Literary Studies, 17th February, 2017.
  • International seminar on Cybercrime and Female Victimization, 08.2017.
  • Triple celebrations of the Diamond Jubilee of UG course (1957 – 2017), Vicennial of PG course (1997 – 2017) and Decennial of Research in English (2007 – 2017) was celebrated as an intercollegiate competition entitled as AUXILIT FETE – 03rd February 2018.
  • Intercollegiate Workshop on Communication through Storytelling and Fairytale Therapy , 17th February 2018.
  • One-Day International Conference on The Interface between Language and Literature: Identity Influence and Impact, 11th August 2018.
  • Department of English has co- organized BODHI 2nd International conference on “Insights and Innovations in Humanities, Arts and Science” in the Universiti Purta Malaysia (UPM), 22nd August 2019 to 26th August 2019.
  • Workshop on Communication Skills in English, 28th February, 2019


List of Research Supervisors (M.Phil. and Ph.D.)


  • Vernum Cecilia P.A.A.
  • (Sr.) AmalaValarmathy A.
  • Mary Gabriel I.
  • AmuthaArockia Mary P.R.
  • Hilda Princi Annie S.
  • Kalaiselvi R.H.
  • Devanayagi A.
  • Latha E.
Ph. D.
  • (Sr). Ugini Fatima Mary L. (Till 2017)
  • Vernum Cecilia P.A.A. (2016 – Present)

No. of Ph.D. Scholars

S. No.


No. of Ph.D. Scholars


2015 – 2016



2016 – 2017



2017 – 2018



2018 – 2019



No. of M.Phil. Scholars full time and part time

S. No.


No. of M.Phil. Scholars


2015 – 2016



2016 – 2017



2017 – 2018



2018 – 2019


Association Activities

Association activities (Regular association activities, Field visits)
  • Inter-Class Dramatics
  • Celine D’ Souza Endowment Lecture
  • Peace Essay Competition
  • Depiction
  • Literary Pageant
  • Tableau
  • Flash Mob
  • Story/Essay/ Poetry Writing
  • Poetry Recitation
  • Literary Quiz

Literary Competitions

14.10.2016 – The interclass dramatics on Indian Writing in translation.

Mr. Regin Rose, an actor, acting trainer, theatre director, Dr. Sr. Jayaseeli, Head, Department of Tamil, Dean of Value Education and Christian Doctrine, Auxilium College and Ms. Anu Kirthana, Asst. Professor of English, Sacred Heart College, Thirupattur, Vellore were the chief guests for the event.

13.12.2016   Sr.Celine D’souza’s Memorial lecture.

The resource persons were Mr. Bava Chelladurai, writer, Ms. Shailaja, translator and Rev. Joshua Peter, Director; Quo- Vadis shared their experiences and spoke on the importance of writing and translating. He released the Department pamphlet “Harper”

04. 3. 2017 Peace Essay Writing Competition

The Peace essay writing competition was conducted by the English literary association on the topic “Charity and Non- Violence govern how we treat each other as individuals”

30.08.2017 Inter- departmental dramatics on Women – The Name of Rose

The event was organized to felicitae Sr. Amala Valarmathy for her Silver jubilee. Dr. Maleel Regina, Muthurangam Arts college, Vellore, Ms. Usha Ramachandran, Head, Department of English, Arcot Sri Mahalakshmi College, Villipakam, Ms. Rachel Deea, English instructor, Lakshmi Garden school, Vellore, were the judges for the same.

15.09.2017 Short story writing competition

The English Literary association conducted the short story writing competition for all the students. They were asked to write a story on “My Childhood days.” Fourteen students participated in the same.

7.9.2017 Essay writing competition

Essay writing competition was conducted by the English Literary association on the topic “The Joy of living” for all the UG students.

11.12.2017 Sr.Celine D’souza’s Memorial lecture.

Sr. Celine’s Endowment lecture was scheduled on 11th December 2017. Ms. Iswarya, Quality control manager, Ajax media, Pvt. Ltd was the chief guest and she spoke on job opportunities in media and network.

12 & 13.02.2018 Interdepartmental competitions

The Inter departmental competitions like Literary pageant, depiction of literary scenes, poetry recitations; spell bee, Pronunciation and enactment of Literary scenes were organized.

24.02.2018 Theatre and Journalism Club

The theatre club identifies the students with acting skills and trains its members to stage on significant days like Christmas celebrations, gratitude day and college day. It enhances theatre as an art form and instils confidence in students.

The Journalism club encourages the creatively inclined students. They are encouraged to write poems and articles for the college magazine and departmental journal SYBYLLINE. The club also conducts an interview for readers and awards “Best reader award” for the same.

20.08.201 8 Interclass Dramatics

Interclass dramatics was held and students from various departments participate in it. Dr. Meenakshi. S. Asst. Professor (Senior), VIT, Vellore, Dr. Annie Vidhya. R. Asst. Professor of English, Voorhees College, Vellore, Ms. Suzanne Newness, P.G. Asst in English, Auxilium Girls higher school, Katpadi, were the chief guests.

12.07.2019 Inauguration of English Literary Association

English Literary Association was held. Dr Vinod Balakrishnan was the Chief Guest for the occasion. Ms. Uzma Fathima, II PG student had read her poems. The resource person gave insights on critical thinking. It was an interactive & enlightening session.

20.08.2019 Interclass Dramatics

Interclass dramatics was held and the students from various department participated in it. Dr. N.S. Vishnu Priya. Asst. Professor (Senior), VIT, Vellore. Ms. Nalini Rajamanickam, Librarian, Spring days and Ms. Gayathri, Asst. Professor, DKM College, Vellore were the judges.

11.12.2019 Literary Pageant and Sr. Celine D’Souza’s Memorial Lecture

The literary pageant and Sr. Celine D’Souza’s Memorial lecture was organized by the department of English. Dr. Mary Gabriel, Asst. Professor of English, gave a lecture on Dravidian literature. Students from the department of English had participated and won the prizes for the same.

Extension Activities

Lending Services at the following localities:
  • Worth Trust School
  • Hope House School


Gandhi Nagar,
Vellore - 632 006, Tamilnadu,
South India.

Off: 0416 - 22 41 774

Fax: 91 - 0416 - 22 47 281


Res: 91 - 0416 - 22 41 994


The vision of the college is the education of young women especially the poorest to become empowered and efficient leaders of integrity for the society.


To impart higher education to the economically weak, socially backward and needy students of Vellore and neighbouring districts.

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