About the Department


The study of the Tamil language and literature helps the students to develop language skills and to enhance their holistic personality.

  • Imparting specific values for each semester through the study of language and literature .
  • Becoming acquainted with a diverse range of literary genres, trends schools and groups.
  • Analyzing and interpreting literary texts.
  • Empowering students to develop communicative and creative skills – Journalism, Translation
History of the Department

The department of Tamil was started in the year 1956 and since then it has offered part I Tamil to the students of the college. The B.A Tamil Major course was started along with the other degree courses and was carried on till1972. Initially the syllabus was according to the Madras University norms.

`However the introduction of autonomy in the year 2006, enabled the department to be creative in formulating the syllabus. It is based on LSWR skills. Each semester focuses on specific values such as Human Rights and Gender equality, Religious harmony, Personal and Cultural ethics. The fourth semester is specially focused on creative Writing and Journalism. It helps the students to prepare themselves for Job opportunities in the field of journalism media and other communicative fields.

The syllabus rangers from Modern Literature to Classical literature. The department also offers job oriented Skill- based papers on Translation and Textiles and dress designing. Various teaching strategies –Audiovisual Method , Field trips, Role Play, Films and Videos , ITC,etc.-are followed to enhance knowledge and for promotion of language experience . In keeping with the University directives sent in 2010, the department offers courses in Basic Tamil and Advanced Tamil to the students who have not studied Tamil language

Tamil Association – Ma.VethaNayagar Mandram.

Tamil Association Ma.VethaNayagar Mandram takes various initiatives to encourage students to participate in various literary activities. Students develop their language skills through debates, dramatics and creative writing and various competitions organized in the College and in the Intercollegiate programmes. Eminent speakers, journalists and poets are invited to address the students during Muthamizvizha.

Every year Sr.Rosella and Sr. Isabella scholarships are awarded to students who score the highest marks in the language Part I and PartII Tamil.

Faculty members of the Tamil Department also hold the pride of publishing Six books on Tamil literature and Gender Equality. The department strives and works towards the enhancement of inculcating knowledge of Tamil language and literature.

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Course Offered

  • Details of UG Certificate Courses provided by the Department.

  • Details of PG Certificate Courses provided by the Department.

Remedial courses
  • Details of Remedial Courses offered by the Department
    Remedial course for weak students : 22 students

Bridge courses
  • Details of Bridge Courses offered by the Department

Dr.(Ms.) Gowthama Selvi E.

M.A., M.Phil., SLET., Ph.D.HODII View

Dr. (Ms.) Meenakshi V.R.

M.A., M.Phil., SLET., Ph.D.ProfessorII View

Dr.(Ms.) Preetha R.

M.A, M.Phil., Ph.D.ProfessorII View

Dr.(Ms.) Shenbagavalli G.

M.A., M.Phil., B.Ed., Ph.D.ProfessorII View

Dr. Deepa S.

M.A, M.Phil., NET., Ph.D.ProfessorII View

Ms.Latha P.

M.A, M.Phil.ProfessorII View

Ms. Indumathi A.

M.A, M.Phil., SET, NETProfessorII View

Ms. Auxilia Mary A.

M.A, M.Phil.ProfessorII View

Dr(Sr.) Arokia Jayaceli A.

M.A.,M.Phil., NET., Ph.D.ProfessorI View

Dr(Ms.) Senthil Selvi G.

M.A., M.Phil.,SLET., NET, Ph.D.ProfessorI View

Dr.(Ms.) Kumari N.

M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D.ProfessorI View

Dr.(Ms.) Kanimozhi.K.B

M.A., M.Phil., SLET., NET, Ph.D.ProfessorI View

Dr. (Ms.) Papeetha.J

M.A., M.Phil, NET, Ph.D.ProfessorI View

Ms. Roja D.

M.A., NETProfessorI View

Innovative Practices of the Department.

  • Slip Test
  • PPT Presentation
  • Creative Writing
  • Teaching Through Drama and Poetry
  • Classes Through NETSURFING
  • Counselling For Weak Students
  • Magazine Creation
  • Teaching With Sports
  • Teaching With Evaluation Method
  • Competitive Exam Oriented Syllabus


Faculty achievements (Awards and Recognition)
  • Sr.Arokia Jayaceli A –Best Teacher Award at Global School, Vellore.
  • Kumari N –Veeramaamunivar Award at Veeramaamunivar Mandram, Vellore.
  • Preetha R., M.A., M.Phil., P.hD., Asst.Prof.
  • Veeramaamunivar Award at Veeramaamunivar Mandram,Vellore.

Programmes Organized

State level/National level/International level (Details of Workshops, Conferences, Seminars and any other activity conducted by the department in State level/National level/International level)
  • Sanga Illakiya Aaivu Mayyam Collaboration with Auxilium college International seminar published Pathinen kizhkanaku AaivuKovai dated on 15.02.2013
  • Semozhi Tamizh Aaivu Mayam Collaboration with Auxilium college national seminar published Sanga Ilakiyathil Sutrusuzhaliyalum  Palluyir Paathukappum dated on 23.02.2015-25.02.2015
  • Tamil Mozhi kattral- karpithal nerimuraigal on Auxilium college National seminar dated on 04 -11 – 2016
  • Writing practise workshop was conducted from 26.06.2015 to 28.06.2015 at Auxilium college
  • Drama Practise Workshop was conducted from 24.06.2016 to 26.06.2016
  • Association activities (Regular association activities, Field visits)

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Drawing competition - Click Here to Download

Motivation Report - Click Here to Download

Quiz Competition - Click Here to Download

 International Speech Competition conducted by Tamil Department

Date 12.02.2021
Time 10.00 AM
Topic 1.Kanala Karumba  Inaiyavazhi Kalvi!
2.Uzhavuku Vandhanam Seivom!
3. Dheivangal Elam Thotrupogum!
Chief Guest  Dr. S. G. Kavitha Associate Professor and Head of Department of Post Graduate and Tamil Studies, Arignar Anna Government Women's Arts and Science College, Walajahpet.
Platform Google
Report The event started with the Invocation to Mother Tamil by        Sr. Alice. K.T. Secretary and it was continued greeting by Sr. Dr. R. Jayasanthi Principal, Auxilium College. The program was led by Sr. M. Sumathi Vice Principal and welcome speech by Dr. N. Kumari Head of the Department followed by the speech by Dr. S. G. Kavitha, Aringar Anna Government Women's College of Arts and Science, Walajapet. The program was hosted by Dr.M. Sridevi Assistant Professor Tamil Department followed by vote of thanks by Dr. E. Gowthama selvi Tamil Department shift – ll The program came to an end by National Anthem

(Accredited by NAAC with A Grade with a CGPA of 3.55 in the 3rd Cycle)

Competition for the MUTHAMIZH VIZHA organized by the TAMIL DEPARTMENT

Date 25.02.2021
Time 11.30 AM
Chief S. Rachel Abiranjani,
Guest Assistant Professor, Voohrees College, Vellore. 632001
Topic Portraying Mythological Characters
Place Auditorium
Report The event was organized in the College Auditorium on 25.02.2021 at 11.30 PM.

The Invocation to Mother Tamil by all our students. Followed by the welcome address was given by Dr. G. Shanbagavalli. The program was lead by Dr. N. Kumari, Head of the Department, Shift-1. Dr.E. Gowthamaselvi, Head of the Department, Shift-2. Followed by after the completion of performance by the students as they were Portraying Mythological Characters. The speech was deliverdelivered by the Chief Guest Dr. S. Rachel Abiranjani,Assistant Professor, Department of Tamil, Voohrees College, Vellore. Followed by the Vote of Thanks by Dr. V. R. Meenakshi, Department of Tamil. Program was end with ceremoniously with National Anthem by the students.

Prize Winners Shift -1
1st Prize Sandhiya. P, Department of History
2nd Prize Vinitha, Department of English
3rd Prize Ani. R, Department of Mathematics
Vinitha, Department of English
Best Actress S. Payal Nisha, Department of BCA.
Prize Winners Shift-2
1st Prize L. Loophi Sharmila, Department of Chemistry
2nd Prize K.Brindha, Department of Biochemistry
3rd Prize A.Kokila, Department of Mathematics
P. Harini, Department of Commerce
Best Actress V. S. Sriviha Durga, Department of Mathematics
Photo description : Muthamizhvizha Report - Click here to Download


  • Facilities for Research in the department.

List of Research Supervisors (M.Phil. and P.hD.,)

  • Sr.Arokoia Jayaceli.A
  • Kumari.N
  • Preetha.R of Ph.D.,

No of Ph.D., scholars (Year Wise)

  • Dr.Sr.Arokoia Jayaceli.A
  • Indhumathi A., M.A., M.Phil., Asst.Prof.(2018-2019)
  • Dr.Kumari N
  • Pavithra (2018)
  • Nithya (2018)
  • Anuradha (2018)

Association Activities

Shift – I

2019 - 2020

The Inauguration of Tamil Association

The Inauguration of Tamil Association and Punith Endowment Lecture was held on 15t July 2019. Vasu Arivazhagan was the chief guest of the programme organized by Dr. N. Kumari, Head, Department of Tamil. Dr. J. Papeetha welcomed the gathering. Prizes were distributed to the winners of the Bharathiyar song competition conducted by the Department of Tamil.

Readers Circle

The Department of Tamil organized "Readers Circle" in order to develop the reading skills on 18th July 2019 at 2.00pm. The staff members from the department of Tamil participated in the event. Dr..N.Kumari ; Dr..K.B.Kanimozhi; Dr..I.Papeetha; Ms..V.R.Meenakshi; Ms.A.Indhumathi; Ms.P.Latha.They Introduced various books and shared their views on them.

Independence Day Celebration

Department of Tamil celebrated the Independence day with vellore fort’s lions club by conducting a Tamil elocution

Composition Writing

The Department of Tamil organized "Composition writing competition" in order to develop the writing skills, on 19th August 2019 at 2.00 pm.

Poetry competition

The Department of Tamil organized "Poetry writing competition" in order to develop the writing skills on 20 August 2019 at 2.00 pm. The staff members from the department of Tamil decided the results.

Tamil Elocution

The Department of Tamil organized “speech competition” in order to develop the speaking skills on 21 August 2019 at 2.00 pm.

Dance competition

The Department of Tamil organized "Dance competition" in order to develop the dancing skills on 26 August 2019 at 2.00 pm.

Dramatic competition

The Department of Tamil organized "Dramatic competition" in order to develop the acting skills, on 27th August 2019 at 2.00 pm.

Muthamizh vizha

The Department of Tamil organized "Muthamizh Vizha programme " on 30th August 2019. The chief guest distributed overall championship trophy to the department that scored higher. Tamil department staffs with chief guest introduced books. Welcome speech was given by “Dr.N.Kumari(shift I)”.Votes of thanks was given by “Dr.E.Gowthama selvi(shift 2).

Bharathiyar’s poetry

The Department of Tamil organized program on 13th September 2019, in order to develop poet Bharathiyar’s poetry.

Ida S. Scudder Endowment

TThe Department of Tamil organized program on 1st october 2019, Welcome speech was given by A.AuxiliaMary (Asst Professor in Tamil) Dr.J.Papeetha (Asst.Professor in Tamil),headed by Tamil department’s head Dr.N. Kumari. Vote of thanks was given by R.Annie(2nd Maths).


Shift – II

Department of Tamil

Shift – II (2016-2017)

24.06.16 to 26.06.16

           Auxilium College Tamil Department on Collaboration with Thirupathur Drama club Organized 3 Days. (24.6.16 to 26.66) work shop on Drama. The Director of the Drama club Dr. Parthibaraja thought and organized apractical session. His students Mr. Sudhan Ph.D. Research scholar in Drama from Pondicherry University and Prathap, student from National Drama School. Banglore also joined us in teaching 15 students of our college actively took part in the learning session.

           Women cell awareness workshop: 1, 2, 3- 2016 (Friday, Saturday,Sunday) these three Days workshop on Human trafficking was Organised by Kanali women cell. Ms. Shanbagavalli Asst. Professor Tamil Department Participated in this workshop.


Tamil club Inaguration:

           Chief Guest from Mazul-Uloom – College Ambur Inaugurated the bloom of Tamil club. Mr. Mira Maitheen Asst. Professot in Tamil Department gave the Inagural address on the topic Illakkiyangallil Eayarkai Vallangal . Evening college Vice Principal Dr. Sr. Sheela Susai Raj Honoured the Occasion with her gracious Presence.


           On behalf of vellore central District DMK Literary Association Murasoli Trust, Pavendar Bharathidasan Poetry Recitation competition was held in vellore. Central District DMK Office on August 6, 2016. Eight students were Participated in this competition.

Prize Winners:

R. Monika – I Maths – 3,000/-

B. Leevathi – III BCA – 1,500/-


           On the occasion of Teachers Day Ma.Vedanayagar Tamizh Mandram Conducted a Poetry writing competition on august 9th 2016. Students from all the departments participated.


           On the Occation of the Diamond Jubliee celebration of LIC a Retoric competition was conducted on September 3rd 2016, at the Lic Divisional Office, vellore. From the College 4 students were Participated Co-Ordinated by Ms. G. Shanbagavalli Department of Tamil.


           From the Department of Tamil we have conducted Muthamizh Vizha On 5.10.16 at 10.00 am on the topic Illaiyor Paarvaiyil Kudumbam. All the Department students took part in acting on the given topic. The Programme for evening shift students was been held on before our vice Principal Dr. Sr. Mary Sheela susairaj. This programme done under the judgement of C. Panchatcharam from Gudiyatham, short film Director and Rupa from Thirupathur. Our Tamil Department professor Ms. E.Gowthamaselvi honoured our chief guest. Then our Dept. of Tamil prof. Dr. R. Preetha gave Vote of thanks to them. In this Programme both Teachers and students took part and it was very useful.


  1. First Prize goes to department of commerce.
  2. Second Prize goes to department of Computer Science
  3. Third Prize goes to department of Micro Biology


           The National Seminar was conducted by the Tamil Department of Auxilium College, and the Auxilium Educational College.

          Topic: Learning and Teaching Tamil Language Innovative Strategies.

Chief Guest: Dr. K. Baskaran

           The vice chancellore of Tanjur, Tamil University and writer Mr. Sugumaran has given speech about Teaching Language in child Literature. Vellore fort Rotary Club Secretrary S.Dhamodharan and his assistant Mr. P. Srinivasan gave Certificate for our Faculties who participated in the essay writing competition Other College students and Faculties also Participated in this Programme and submitted their essays. Our college students and staffs were participated in this programme and got benefit out of it.


           A District Level Speech competition Conducted on 20.12.16 in EVRN Govt. Girls Hr. Sec. School. Ms. R. Latha II BCom Participated and won cash prize of Rs. 700/- and got the certificate.

            Topic: A Talk about Avvai


           Madurai world Thirukkural peravai, Arni and Thiruvalluvar panpattu kazhagam both conducted state level Thirukkural writing competition On 7.1.17 at seminar hall in our college. Nearly 47 students from various departments of our college actively participated. This was conducted under the supervision of Ms. S. Deepa and Ms. N.Hemamalini Professor of Tamil Department. 

Department of Tamil

Shift – II      (2017-2018)


Auxilium College evening shift orientation programme for second and third year students begined with the solumn prayer service.


Tamil Department and micro biology department together combined and celebrated the festival of Ramzon. For this celebration our college principal, vice principal, staffs and students of shift II participated and made the celebration fulfilled. Based on the holy festival of muslims students presented poetry and essay. Students presented drama and dance to express the hospitality and helping tendency which will lead us to God. At the end of the programme our college muslim students offered some food materials to our college house girls and other workers by by giving the offerings they felt happy.


Katpadi vani Vidhyalaya Hr. Sec. School celebrated the Muththamizh Vizha. They conducted speech competition based on benefits of Thirukkural for this competition our college professor of Tamil Department Mrs. G. Shenbagavalli participated as the chief guest.


Tamil Department M. Vedhanayagar tamil Mandram introduction programme held. For this programme K.M.G. Arts and Science College Professor Mr. J. Jayakumar The Head of the Tamil department was invited as the Chief guest. And presented a talk about “ Tamil Ilakkiyangalin Vazhviyal”. Second year students participated and made the event grand.


On the behalf of M. Vedhanayagar Mandrum of Tamil department conducted various competitions from 17.07.2017 to 21.07.2017. The Speech competition was held on 17.07.2017 based on the following topics.

  1. The Roots of wisdom are books
  2. Destroying Symbols
  3. Mobile phone is the Sixth finger

For this competition Professor of Tamil department Miss. Tamilselvi in D.K.M college and Abdullavaram  Panchayat Union Nursery and Primary School teaching staff Mrs. Gomathi participated as the chief guest. From our college more than 30 students participated in all this events.

Winners  Details

First Prize : K. Kaviya (I BBA)

Second Prize: R. Latha (III B.Com)

Third Prize: S. Vishnu Priya (II Maths)


In our college auditorium poetry competition was held.


  1. Nilacharal
  2. Thalarathe Tamizha!
  3. Vidiyalai thedi
  4. M.G.R. Oru Kalaingar

N. Kumari Professor of Tamil Department (shift I) participated as chief guest for this competition and K. Senthamizh selvi Professor of Tamil Department (shift I) also participated in this competition.


First Prize : Janani (I Bio)

Second Prize: A. Varsha (II BBA)

Third Prize: M. Sangavi (II Phy)


Essay competition was held at 10A.M to 11A.M in the college auditorium based on the following topics.

  1. Thamizhin Enemai
  2. Tholantha Aaru
  3. Kaavi Oru Vanibam
  4. G.R um Thamizhagamum

Judgement were given  by our college (shift I) professors J. Papitha and B. Kanimozhi, 70 students from all the departments were participated and presented their essays.


First Prize : S. Aarthy (II Phy)

Second Prize: A. Varsha (II Bio)

Third Prize: S. Swathi (I CS)


Drawing competition was conducted from 10A.M to 12P.M based on the topic “Sanga illakkiya Katchigal”. Students participated and expressed their drawings by using sand, color powder, flowers. Five students from each department together combined and participated. All the students from all departments showed their talent and interest. Professor D. Kamatchi from the department of Tamil M.M.E.S college, Mr. Dhanachezhiyan  of Physics subject from Vani Vidhyalaya School took part in this programme.

 Winners Details:

First Prize: Maths Department students

Second Prize: BBA Department students

Third Prize: B.Com Department students.


Expressing poetry through acting competition was conducted in Auditorium from 10 am to 12 pm. 5 students from each department together combined and took part. To judge the competition tamil teaching staff k. kanimozhi from thorapadi gov.Hr.Sec School and head of the Tamil Department sujatha from D.K.M. college took part. On the basis of Dressing, Scenes, Voice Clarity, Moral students were selected.


First Prize: BCA- Department students

Second Prize: BBA - BBA Department students

Third Prize: B.Com Department students


Based on the topic of Elaighargal Ezhuchiura drama competition was held in Auditorium from 10 am to 1 pm. Eight students from each department participated and expressed their acting talent. As a judge vellore street dancer Mr. Udhayakumar, Tamil teaching staff of Vani vidhyalya school Mr. Raja Sekar and katpadi, Former Auditing group Asst. Director, Mrs. Vasantha Natrajan took part.


A dance competition was conducted in our college auditorium based on the topics:

Tamil Language

Students from each departments participated in groups. The programme was conducted in the morning from 10 am to 12.30 Pm. The Competition was judged by kaniyambadi Gov. Hr. Sec. School Tamil teacher Mrs. Bhanulatha, Katpadi Don Bosco Mat. School dance teacher Mrs. Nithya and sripuram Narayani School dance teacher Mrs. Nalini and here are the names of the Prize winning departments.


First Prize:  Commerce Department

Second Prize: BBA Department

Third Prize: Computer Science Department


On behalf of Auxilium College Tamil Department Ma. Vedhanayagar tamizh manram Muthamizh vizha was celebrated in a very grand manner. It was conducted in front of indoor stadium in the morning from 8.30am to 12.30 Pm. The programme was headed by the controller of our  college and our principal. The programme was guested by the director of Maatru drama troop and head  of the tamil department in sacred heart college Mr. K.Parthibaraja and the lawyer Mrs. Sneha Parthibaraja . The guest delivered a special role on the heart of acting and his experience. The welcome note was given by tamil department Sis. A Jayaceli, Vice Principals of both shift made their warm presence. At the end, prizes and certificates were distributed by the chief guest to the prize winners. The department of business administration was presented with the Overall Champion trophy for taking part in all the competition. A drama was played on the stage by the maatru drama troop for the students on the topic Padam Karpikkum paadam. And the programme was concluded with the National anthem.


On behalf  M.G.R.’s 100th birthday District level poetry, essay writing, speech competition were held in D.K.M. College at R.Latha of third B.Com, M.Sandhiya of II BBA, S.Arthi of II Physics and K.Kaviya of II B.Com Where the students participated in this program.


M.Sandhiya – II BBA (Poetry Competition – IInd prize)


Vellore JCI group of company conducted an inter college competition in teachers home vellore. R.Latha of III BCom had won the Ist Prize in this competition.

            Topic: Arasiyal Vadhigalin Indraiya Nilaipadum Makkalin Edhirparpum


Vellore JCI group of company conducted Individual competition for various colleges. In classical dance competition. R.Varshitha of I BCom had won the Ist Prize. Prize winners got the trophies and certificates.


A District level competition on Bharadhidasan poetry competition was held on 19.08.2017 at D.M.K. office. D.M.K. Ilakkiya Ani Murasoli Trust Organised this Program. Six Students from Auxilium College participated in this competition, they are A.Janani – I Maths, S.Kavitha – Ist Maths, R.Monika – II BSc Physics, T.Ramyabarathi – Ist Physics, K.kaviya – Ist B.B.A and Reshmika Ragavan – Ist BBA got consolation prize of Rs. 1500/- certificates and medals.


Vellore Tamil Valarchi  Thurai Conducted a District level Elocution Competition at E.V.R. Nagammai Govt.Girls Hr.Sec.School. R.Latha, III Year Commerce Student Participated and Won the third Prize. Topic: Ennithuniga. Prize. A cheque of Rs. 5000/-.


Commemorating Arignar Anna’s birth anniversary and Dr. M.G.R. birth Centenary, and Elocution Competition was conducted at Rajaji Hall, VIT University. K.Kaviya IBBA Student Participated in Competition and received a certificate.


The dept. of Tamil conducted a state level inter- collegiate essay writing. Topic The Role of Student in Social  Development.

Details of prize winners.

  1. Jeyabelonia, II Maths , Auxilium College – Ist prize Rs. 750/-
  2. Pavithra, II English, MMES College for Women Melvisharam – IInd Prize Rs. 500/-
  3. Shalini, IIMaths, DKM College for women, Vellore – IIIrd Prize Rs. 250/-


On Account of Human Rights Day on Essay writing competition Was conducted by Department of Tamil. 15 students Partcipated and presented their Essay on the Topic. Human Rights that are Refused.

Details of the prize winners.

  1. Aarthi , II Physics, Auxilium College – Ist Prize
  2. Shalini,IBanking &Insurance – Iind Prize
  3. Swathi, IBsc.Computer Science – IIIrd Prize


World Youth Day was celebrated from 11.12.2017 to 15.12.2017. Various competitions were conducted and Tamil Department Professors judged the competition.

  1. 12.2017 –Poster Presentation – Ms. G.Shanbagavalli, Dept.of tamil
  2. 12.2017- Pencil Drawing – Dr.R.Preetha,Dept.of Tamil
  3. 12.2017- Poetry writing- Ms.E.Gowthamaselvi,Dept.of tamil


The Prayer Service of the year 2018 was presented by Dept.of tamil. Tamil Department teachers with the students from Dept. of Computer science Organised the Programme.offering were given to god with dance and songs. The Secretary of our college,Principal,Vice Principal took part in this programme.


Ranipet Tamil Association Celebrated 30th Thiruvalluvar Day on 13.01.2017. A District Level,Speech,Essay,Poetry writing and Singing Competition was conducted at District Teachers Training Institution,Ranipet.



R.Laths, III B.COM.

Elocution –III Prize

Singing –I st Prize

Poetry – IInd Prize

Prize Winner got the Trophy and certificates.


Thiruvalluvar Panpattu Kalvi Kazhagam,Viruthunagar, Had conducted an Inter Collegiate Thirukkural Writing competition on behalf of the Tamil Department for Auxilium College Students 166 Students were Participated from the evening shift under the supervision  of Ms.S.Deepa and Dr.R.Preetha.


District level Elocution competition was held in Voorhees college, vellore.Our student R.Latha from IIIBCOM had Participated.

Topic: India Arasiyalamaipu Saasanamum Manuda Samathuvamum.


On 30.01.2018 the Department of Tamil had arranged a special Talk from Vivekanandha trust. At The chief guest for the event was Mr. S.Raja from Thiruvalluvar University. Had given a speech on Indraiya Soozhalil Maanavargalidaiye Madha Nallinakkam.


On behalf of Tamil Department ‘Gopalakrishnan Trust’ Essay writing competition conducted.

Topics :

  1. Aringar Annavin Thamizhpani
  2. Aringar Annavin Arasiyal Nagareegam

Incharge for this competition were Dr.J.Papeetha of shift I belong to tamil Department and E.Gowthama selvi of shift II of Tamil department.


  1. Manjula,II Bsc.Maths- Ist Place
  2. Priya,II Bsc Computer Science-IInd Place
  3. Thamilarasi,I.Bcom.B&I- III Place


On 17.03.2018 we celebrated our college day in the college auditorium. Dr. Nihal Thomas CMC (Joint Director), Dr. Annah P. Pulimood CMC and Dr. Samuel N.J.David CMC Procided Over the function and gave the presidential address. The programme was took lead by our college secretary and the college principal. A book titled Aganaanootril Malargal Pesum Maruthuva mozhi wrote by Dr.R.Preetha from Department of tamil. It was released by the principal of the college Dr. Sr. Josephine Rani. Vice principals of both shift I and shift II, Teachers and students took Part in this programme and made it a successful one.

Shift II

Department of Tamil Log (2018-2019)


Auxilium college shift II has started with the prayer. On that day college conducted an Orientation Programme for the second and Third year students.


On account of Golden Jubilee Thamizh Valarchi Thurai has conducted District level competition on june 25, 2018 at Voorhees college. They were conducted the Essay writing, Elocution and the Poem enactment.

S. Aarthi III Physics, Participated and won the Third Prize.

Topic: Annavum Arunthamizhum

Prize: A cheque for the Rs. 2000/- and a certificate.

This competition which was conducted by the Vellore Tamizh Development Department, Ms. E. Gowthama selvi was one of the Judge from Auxilium College.


The department of Reindeer culture, Tamilnadu, celebrated their Golden Jubilee on 20.07.2018 at Arcot Lakshmi Loganathan School. On that day they conducted various competitions.  In thos competitions our students Ms. Shakthi Priyanka of II Participated in Solo dance, and she got the Participation Certificate.


Ma.Vedhanayagar Tamil Association and Vivekanandhar Endowment Lecture was Inaugrated on 19.07.2018 in Auditorium. The chief guest of the Inaugration is Mr. Mullai Vasan, Headmaster of Gudiyatham, Kottameta Govt. High. School. He is the District leader of Progressive writers Association. He started his speech with full energy and he shared his knowledge regarding “Humanity in Tamil Literature.” His speech is more useful and Interesting This Programme was the Presence of the undertaking of our Vice Principal Dr. Sr. Mary Sheela Susairaj.


All india Essay writing event 2018 was organized by Shri Ram Chandra Mission in collaboration with united nations information  centre for India and Bhuton and heartfulness education  trust was helded on 6-8-18. on the Topic “A mind all logic is like a knife all blade. If makes the hand bleed that uses it ” – Rabindranath Tagore. Overall 68 students participated from various departments. In which five students essays was selected and sent to the next level.

The winners are

S. Aarthi – III Physics
R. Shobana – I Microbiology
S.Manjula – III Mathematics
K. Sivaranjini – I Physics
C. Swathi – II Computer Science


On behalf of the Muthamizh Vizha by the Department of Tamil. A drawing competition was conducted on the topic Sanga Ellakkiya Kaatchigal dated on 9.8.18  between 10.30. a.m. to 12.30 P.m.

The Winners :

First Prize – V. Oviya- II Computer Science
Second Prize – J.Gnasaundariya – II Microbiology
Third  Prize – V.M. Preetha Sri – II B.Com
Consolation – S. Aishwariya – III BBA


An Essay writing competition was conducted on 13.8.2018 based on the Topic Neerindri Amaiyaathu Ulagu in the seminar hall, timing scheduled between to 12.30pm. All the departments showed an active participation.

Price Winners:

First Prize – C.Swathi - II Computer Science
Second Prize – P.Raksha – III Physics
Third  Prize – P.Divya – II Microbiology


On 13.08.2018 Sharp at 9.30 am Group Singing Competition was conducted on the Topic Gramiya Paadalgal at the Auditorium. In each department a group of 6 members Participated.

The chief guests of the day was singing teachers Mr. S.Santhosh from Vidyalakshmi Vidyalaya School and Mrs.Sri Lakshmi from Vanividyalaya Katpadi showed their Presence.

Prize Winners  of the Department:

First Prize :      Dept. of Microbiology

Second Prize : Dept. of BCA

Third Prize:     Dept. of BBA


As the conclusion of the Muthamizh Vizha celebration a Dance Competition was conducted on the Topic Vivasaayam kuritha Naattupura Paadalgal dated on 14.8.18 between 9.30. – 12.30 pm  at auditorium.

The chief guests :

  1. Jaya kannan from Narayanipeedum School, Thirumalaikodi, Dance Teacher Vellore
  2. Jayanthi Dance Teacher, R.C.M. School, Katpadi.
  3. Vishnu Vandana Dance Teacher from Shrishti  School, Vellore.


A grand celebration of Muthamizh Vizha was held on 25.8.18 in our college indoor stadium around 8.30 am to Dr.Mr.Senthil Ganesh and Mrs.Rajalakshmi Vijay Tv Pugazh Makkal isai Paadal Kalainzhargal was the chief guest for the grand event. They have not only Naattu Pura Paadalgal yet they sang song and entertained the students regardingly. The muthamizh Vizha celebration was organized and headed by Dr. Sr. Regina Mary, Principal of Auxilium college, Vellore. Superior Sr, Amala Shamala and the Vice Principal Dr.Sr Jayashanthi Shift I, greeted and appreciated the chief guest. The welcome address was delivered by Dr. N. Kumari, Head of the  Department of tamil, Delivered the welcome address.

The prize winners of the Muthamizh Vizha was awarded by the chief guest followed by the Principal, Vice Principal. The overall champhionship was taken over by the department of business administration finally the Programme ended by the vote of thanks by shift-II asst. professor Mrs.Gowthama Selvi.


On behalf of Vellore central District DMK Literary Association Murasoli Trust, Pavendar Bharathidasan Poetry Recitation competition was held in vellore. Central District DMK office on August 29 .2018.


Dept. of Tamil welfare for the Academic Year 2018 – 2019 Speech, Poetry writing and Essay writing competitions were held between all the colleges at the E.V.R. Nagammai govt. girls Hr. Sec School on 11.09.2018 by 9.00 am. In this competition our college students have also took part and won prizes.

Essay Writing Competition

Ist Prize – A. Devadharshini – II year – Dept. of  Physics
Cheque of  Rs.10,000/- and a certificate

Speech Competition

Consolation  Prize : Nirosha – I year
Dept. of  Biochemistry – Book and certificate


On account of  LIC’s 62nd year celebrations by the first week of September Speech Competitions and Power Point Presentations were held between various colleges on 05.09.2018 at the LIC Office, Vellore.

Topic of the Speech Competition

  1. Cleanliness- Environment – Health
  2. India – Economy – LIC


Speech – Ist Prize – Nirosha (Iyear)  Dept. of  Bio chemistry
Power Point Presentation – IInd Prize – Ilakkiya (II Year) -  Dept. of  B.Com (B&I)
Speech – Consoltancy Prize – Pavithra (III Year) Dept. Of  B.Com (B&I)


On October 5th 2018 On behalf  of Tamil Department has conducted a state level competition at International Institute of Tamil Studies, Chennai. Students from Various colleges participated in Poetic, Essay writing and Elocuation competitions. In this competitions our college’s student A. Devadharshini of Physics Department (II &Year) has participated in essay writing competition and has got a Participation certificate.

03-12-2018 to 05-12-2018

In Vellore, Pallavan Social Service Organisation and Educational Trust conducted a screening for debate that would be organised by Vendhar TV. S. Deepika of II Maths and Kamalipriya of I Microbiology and Ms. A. Indumathi.  Asst. Professor of Tamil participated in the screening and we selected.

The topic for the debate was, what expression is necessary for man in the present situation,

1. Love 2. Anger 3. Patience 4. Fear 5. Laughter 6. Gratitude 7. Action 8. Forgetfulness.


The Federal Bank conducted on Inter – collegiate debate on the topic “Speak India” at VIT on dec 5th 3 students participated from I physics Chris A. Smith, K. Sivaranjani, T. Sherine Jenita, II (Banking & Insurance) T. Ilakkiya, and Thamizharasi II (Banking & Insurance).


To mark the birthday of Veera Pandiya Kattabomman.  Auxilium College Along With Vasakar Vattam conducted on eloqution on the topic “Kaalathai Vendra Kattabomman”.  Dr. Kumari the Head of Tamil welcome the gathering.  The Principal Dr. Regina Mary felicitated the chief guest. The chief guest was poet S. Ilakkumi pathi, the secretary of the Readers circle; Vellore Kailash Thabovanam Sri Jayaram Guruji gave away the prizes to the winners.  Ln. D. Panneerselvam, the owner of science Genious Club proposed the vote of Thanks. More than 25 students were participated Third Prize - Shalini. T (Physics).


In our college Pongal Celebration held on 08.1.2019 near the indoor stadium. Our secretary Sr. Amalorpavam headed the celebration.  Our Principal Dr. Sr. Regina Mary felicitated the chief guest. Dr. Sr. Jayashanthi and Dr. Sr. Mary Sheela Susairaj vice Principals of shift I and II grace the occasion by their honourable presence.  Dr. Kumari, The Head dept. of Tamil welcomed the chief guest.

Prof. Dr. Thiru Inba Ezhilan, Asst. prof. department of tamil Voorhees College was the chief guest of the day. The students performed traditional dances like Karagam, Oyilaatam, Parai, Silambaattam, Kummi and also debate held on the topic Pazhamai Ilammaikku Balamaa? Balaveenama? Dr. Preetha Asst. Prof. Dept. of Tamil proposed vote of Thanks and the programme came to an end with National Anthem.


M.M.E.S. College of Arts and Science. Melvisharam has conducted various competitions to commemorate the Centenarial celebration of the college. S. Arthi of III B.Sc physics has participated in the essay writing competition. Raksha. P of III Physics and M. Tamilarasi of II Banking and Insurance has participated in the Tamil Speech competition and received the participation certificate.


Our college has conducted various competitions in memory of Catholic Leader, Rev. Don Bosco’s 203th Birth Anniversary.  In which the Department of Tamil has conducted Essay writing and Drawing Competition based on the Topics.

Essay Writing:    Punitham unakkum Uriyadhu.

Drawing: Punitha Don Bosco-vin Vaazhviyalai
maiyapaduthiya ooviyangal

The Prize Winners are:

  1. Swathi - I Prize  - II Computer Science
  2. Aarthi - II Prize  - III Physics
  3. Jerosemary – III Prize - II Computer Science.


In Chennai Arumbakkam Duaraga Das Govardhan Das Vaishnava’s college on behalf of there. Internal quality assessment committee, they trained the Identification and supporting Dyslexic students. In this training, the professor from the Department of Tamil Mrs. E. Gowthamaselvi participated and received the certificate.


 International Seminar - Mrs S. Deepa: Than MozhiPesum PenPadaipaaligal,DKM College,Vellore,ISBN 978-81-930476-8-2

International Seminar - Mrs A.Indhumathi: Aalumai Nokkil Penpadaipulagil Ponmudiyarum ikkala kavinzhargalum, DKM College,Vellore, ISBN 978-81-930476-8-2


In the Thirupatthur Sacred Heart’s College (Autonomous), the Department of Tamil Collabrated with the Sanlax International Tamil research Journal – conducted the work shop for the research scholars. In this programme Tamil Department professor Mrs. A. Indumathi, participated in it under the topic, “Basic methods for writing Research Papers” and received the certificate.


On behalf of the World Mother Tongue day, the department of Tamil celebrated it in our college. In the order of praising our Mother Tongue Tamil they conducted Various Competitions such as Poetry, Portrait on the great people Adhiyamaan – Avvaiyar, Kalithogai Kaadhal Kaatchigal, yeruthazhuvudhal Nigazhchi, the students portrayed on these various topics, and characters. They showed their talents, and their interest in the Tamil Language.


On 21.02.2019 The Department of Tamil on behalf of the Gopala Krishna Trust conducted on elocution competition. On the Topic, Arignar Annavin MozhiNadai. In this competition 15 students from various deparments participated and showcased their talents among them.

The Winners are:

  1. A. Smith – I Prize -  I Physics
  2. Giripriya -  II Prize -   I BCA
  3. Nirosha -  III Prize -  I Biochemistry

08.03. 2019

On 08.03.2019 our college Tamil Department and Vellore Bharathi Book House together conducted an International Seminar about Tribe Society- Language – Women held in our college Auditorium at Dr. Kumari HOD of tamil Department gave the welcome Address. College Secretary Rev. Sister Amala Shamala gave the Felicitation speech. Our Principal Rev. Sister Regina mary, Vice Principal Dr. Sr. Mary Sheela Susairaj and the owner of bharathi book house Ms. Uma Radha Krishnan, gave Valuable speech.

Srilanka, Kandhi, Peradhanai University Tamil Department HOD Dr. Kalanithi Vallipuram Maheswaran was released the Expression analysis. Our Tamil Department Professor Dr. R. Preetha wrote a Book on Kurumalai – Pazhankudigal was published by the Director of Tamil Nadu Archaeological Department Mr. R. Poongundran received by the college Vice Principal Dr.Sr. Mary Sheela Susairaj.

General Secretary of the National Association of Peer Adivasi, Ambur, Mr. K. Krishnan gave his valuable speech. On this Occasion the famous poet Dr. M. Narayanan also joined and gave his Book Named Karuthu Kalangiyam to the Nobility.

The Seminar winded up at. 3.30pm. The Chief guest Rotary Club President Mr. M. Senthil kumar and the Rotary Club Secretary Mr. Jayaraman issued the Certificates to the Participations.

On the Occasion linguistic and Cultural Research Director of Pondicherry University Dr. Bhakthavatchala bharathi and Tamil Nadu Deputy Director of the inscription and Archeology Rtd. Director Chennai Dr. R. Poongundran also gave the valuable speech about this seminar.


International Seminar:  E.Gowthama Selvi – Topic:  Aarcot Aanaimallur kiraama irular ina makkalin vazhviyal murai. Auxilium College, vellore, 978-93-86890-24-5

International Seminar:  Dr. R.Preetha – Topic:  Yerukkala pazhankudigal, conducted Auxilium College, vellore. International seminar, ISBN No 978-93-86890-24-5

International Seminar:  Mrs. S.Deepa – Topic: yettram Naadum yerukkala, conducted Auxilium College, vellore. International seminar, ISBN No 978-93-86890-24-5

International Seminar:  Mrs. P.Latha – Topic: Vallimalaivazh Pazhankudhiyinar –Kuravar, conducted Auxilium College, vellore. International seminar, ISBN No 978-93-86890-24-5

International Seminar: A.Indhumathi – Topic: Kelvikkuriyai Pazhankudigal, conducted Auxilium College, vellore. International seminar, ISBN No 978-93-86890-24-5


On this day Tribal Village of Kurumalai People, Vellore District conducted a Appreciation Ceremony for Dr. R.Preetha Asst. Prof. in Tamil dept. for writing a Book Named ‘kurumalai – pazhankudigal’ which was held in kurumalai village. In this programme. The vanakkuzhu thalaivar Mr. Annamalai and the Revenue Officer Mr. Venkatesan along with the tribal people of that village were participated.

11.03.2019 to 12.03.2019

Tamil Nadu State Science technology centre and Yelagiri Don Bosco College joined and held a National Level Seminar in the Topic of Intellectual Property Rights on 11th and 12th March 2019. Protection Rights, structures On Rights, printing rights, share market points, were discused to us Dr. R. Preetha participation this session and received a Certificate.

11.03.2019 to12.03.2019

              International journal - E.Gowthama Selvi – Topic: Tholkappiyathil ariviyal sindhanaigal. Sri vijay vidhyalaya arts & science college, Dharmapuri. Shanlax International journal of Tamil studies. 2454 – 3993

              International journal – Mrs. S.Deepa – Topic: Varalaattrai Varudum Kavi Venthar, Sri vijay vidhyalaya arts & science college, Dharmapuri. Shanlax International journal of Tamil studies. 2454 – 3993

              International journal – Mrs. P.Latha – Topic:Kulathur Somesar Muthumozhi Venpa, Sri vijay vidhyalaya arts & science college, Dharmapuri. Shanlax International journal of Tamil studies. 2454 – 3993

              International journal – Mrs. A.Indhumathi – Topic: Sirrar NaadagaNilai, Sri vijay vidhyalaya arts & science college, Dharmapuri. Shanlax International journal of Tamil studies. 2454 – 3993


College day was held on 18.03.2019. The Director of Christian Medical College Mr. G.V. Peter was the Chief Guest and gave the valuable Speech. Tamil Department Professors Ms. E.Gowthamaselvi published the book named Thiru Manthirathil Manitha Nalan and Mrs. S.Deepa Published the book named Kavi Ventharin Kavichinthanaigal

Department of Tamil

Shift – II

2019 JUNE – 2020 FEBUARY


In Thiruppathur Sacred heart’s college, 17th year of workshop has been conducted by the Drama Group Members from 21.05.2019 to 31.05.2019 for around 10 days and in this Workshop prof. A. Indumathi department of Tamil also participated trained the students about the Drama conducted in the workshop.

First year students from the department of Maths  -  C. Priyanka, V. S. Sri Vika Durga.

From the department of computer science also participated and got training in the Workshop. Students from first year – J. Allbina, Merlin, S. Pooviyarasi, R. Yuvarani, K. Ramya, S. Maria Varsha.


In Vellore District, Javadhu Hills, Inaguration of Tamil Nadu Scheduled Tribes Organisation’s Branch has conducted in the morning around 11o’clock. Many of the Tribal Heads were participated in the event. Dr. R. Preetha from the department of Tamil also participated in the event and gave a speech about the Benefits of Tribals.


Shift II of Auxilium College begins with a gracefull prayer service orientation was held for second and third year students.


In organization of Ma. VEDHANAYAGAR Tamil department and Vivekanandhar Endoument speech was held on 15.07.19 in our college seminar hall at 11A.M. On this Occasion Dr. K. Tamilselvarn professor of Tamil Department in Muthurangam Arts and Science College has participated as a chief guest and gave a talk about Tamil and Vivekanandar.


Tamil nadu Government Library as conducted the National Level Recitation competition 2022 among the students to have a proper Reading Skill in our college on 17.07.19 speech competition has been conducted and every department are participated in the competition.







T. Snegha Priya – I B&I – I Prize

Christ A. Smith – II Physics – II Prize

E. Divya – II Maths C – III Prize

18/07/ 2019

Vellore, Auxilium college, Tamil department and Vellore Reading organization combined on 18.07.19 in the college Auditorium by 11 A.M . Reciting session has been conducted S. Lakshmipathi’s book of NAANUM KALLAGI POHIREN has been researched and explained about the book has been given by Tamil department staff members. Nearly 300 students from Ist and IInd year has been participated in the programme. At the end of session the author of the book has given certificates to the staff members.


Chennai, Sulaimedu, Aringhar Anna’s Literature group has conducted under the topic of “New upcoming Kavithaigal” on 21.07.19 at 4 P.M. In Chennai Pandiyar street, Iksha Jeevan Jothi. Tamil Department staff member A. Indumathi has been participated in the topic of ‘Current scenario of Education ‘in the kavithai competition among 100 participants in the competition.

Chief Guest:  K. Mohanarasu, Director of World Thirukkural Institute.


Seventh Jeneva day has been conducted on 10.08.2019 in Auxilium College Youth Red Cross club in district level Speech competition for the college students in Auditorium at 10.00 A.M. From the department of Tamil Asst. Prof. G. Shanbagavalli is been a chief guest.

TOPIC:  Agriculture – Backbone of India.


On behalf of the south Indian Traditions & Customs Academy has conducted “Seva Ratna” Award function on 10.08.19 in Chennai Palm Grave. Chief Guest for the function Retired Judge S.K. Krishnan and Mr. Bon Baskaran. Professors from Tamil Department Mrs. P. Latha and Mrs. A. Indumathi. Got “Kavithai Kalai Vithagi “award in the program.


Tamil development department has conducted Poem, Essay, Speech among the students in Vellore, E.V.R. Nagammaiyar Govt. Girls. Hr. sec. school on 14.08.19 at 9.00 a.m. From our college student from Dept of Physics. Second Year Chris A. Smith got third prize of cash Rs.5,000/- and certificate.

Topic: Thamizhar Nagarigam Thol Nagarigam

Chief guest :  Dr. R. Preetha, Department of Tamil.


Seventy Third Independence day has celebrated in our college and in Vellore Fort, Lions Club joined and conducted a speech competition in college Auditorium on the Topic “ Anandha Suthandhiram Aadainthuvitoum”  at 11A.M. for the college students.

Vellore Fort Lions Club Head Engineer S. Manibharathi organized the competition and Department of Tamil (shift I) prof.  Dr. N. Kumari gave a welcome speech.

College Secretary Sr. Alice K.T and Principal Dr. Sr. Regina Mary gave a blessingful speech.

College vice Principals from shift I Sr. Sumathi and shift II Dr. Sr. Amala Valarmathi gave a speech and chief guest for the competition Vellore Kamban Association secretary S. Elakkumipathy and Tamil Professor Dr. K. Senthilselvi, Dr. K.P. Kanimozhi. Prof. Dr. Gowthamaselvi gave a vote of thanks for the program.


Seventy third Independence day has been celebrated in Vellore VIT University for the “Bharathanatiyam” students in the college. For the purpose of Guinness Record and it is for the school and college students. Around 10,000 students participated and 14 students from our college got certificates in the competition.


In Vellore, on behalf of the Tamil Development Association Madurai, “ Ulaga Tamil Sangam “ has conducted a state level “Tamil Literature Training Centre” in schools and colleges.  From 18.08.19 to 24.08.19 has been conducted and for the students who are excellence in Tamil Literature have given Training and our college student from the Dept. of Physics, Third year A. Devadharsini has also got certificate in the Training Centre.


Auxilium College, “Muthamizh Vizha” on consideration of that on 20.08.19 to 30.08.19 Poem, Essay, Speech, Dance, Drama various competitions have been conducted.

On 20.08.19 during 10.00A.M Essay competition has been conducted and staffs from the Dept. of Tamil Prof. P. Latha and Indumathi.

 Topics for the Essay Competition:

  1. Neerindri Amaiyathu Ulagu
  2. Aaram Pullan
  3. Vendhu Thanithathu Manathu.

Prize Winners:

First Prize – R. Induja – II Microbiology
Second Prize – S.R. Sakthi Janani – II Computer science
Third Prize – R. Monisha Aarthi – II Maths A sec.


Poem writing competition has also conducted in the same date at 10.00 A.M in college Auditorium.


  1. Eyarkayin Oolam
  2. Annai Thamizhai Kappoum
  3. Sithiram Pesuthadi.

Prize winners:

First prize: T. Soundharya – III Biochemistry
Second prize: K. Sruthi – I BCA
Third prize:  M. Haripriya – III CS


Speech Competition has been conducted in our college Auditorium at 10.00 A.M in account of “Muthamizh Vizha”.  1. Puthagangal Amaithiyana Nanbargal 2. Mitedupoum Thamizharin Adaiyalathai is the topics.  Chief Guest for the competition were vellore Muthurangam college Asst. prof. Dr. M. Murali along with our college prof.  Dr. N. Kumari (shift I) and Dept. of. History Asst. prof. Dr. Dhanabagyam.

Prize winners:

First prize: S. Praveena – III Physics.
Second prize: T. Sherin Jenitha – II Physics
Third prize: T. Sneha Priya – I (B&I)


Dance Competition has been conducted for all the departments in the college. Chief guest are vellore D.K.M college Dept. of Tamil Prof. Dr. S. Sasikala and Ranipet Padmashri Natiyalaya Director Padmapriya Srinivasan and Bharathanatiya dancer K.R. Visalatchi for the program.

Topic: Village Dance         Time: 9.30 to 12.30     place: College Auditorium.

 Prize winners:

First prize : B. com ( B&I )

R. Vetri selvi, S. Preethi, J.P. Yuvalakshmi, G. Keertiga, V. Sunitha – II year N. Priya – I year.

Second prize: B.C.A

M. Shabana, J. Rubimeloshiya, S. Rajeswari, R. Sangavi, - III Year P. Jenifer, P. Pooja – II year.

Third prize : B.B.A

P. Karthiga, R. Mohanapriya, S. Lokeshwari, S. Deepika – III year P. Priyanka, Yuvarani – II year.


On behalf of Tamil Department, conducted a drama in the college Auditorium on 9.30 A.M.  Topic: “Uzhave Uyarvu”. Chief Guest are Vellore D.K.M women’s college, professor Dr. S. Thamaraiselvi and sainathapuram Krishnaswamy Matriculation School, Tamil teacherMrs. Durga along with Arani, A.C.S Arts college professor Mrs. Nagarani were in the program.

Prize Winners:

First prize:  B.B.A

S. Harini, R. Mohanapriya, R.U. Manasa, V. Hemapriya, S. Sudhasri, T. Sujitha, Kaviya – III year.

Second prize: (General)

S. Aishwarya, U. Tamilselvi, V. Selshiya, T.S. Durgadevi - III year M. Kowsalya, S. Sharmila, S. Krithicka – II year M.R. Nandhini – I year.

Third prize: (B&I)

K. Swetha, M.M. Swetha, A. Gayathri, C. Divyabharathi, B. Nivetha – III year S. Hemavarshni – II year T. Snehapriya, P. Sowmiya – I year.

Best Actress Award – R. Mohanapriya


Department of Tamil in our college on 30.08.19 in the outdoor stadium at 8.30 A.M. to 1.30 P.M. Conducted “ Muthamizh Vizha” and Thirupathur, Sacred Hearts College Tamil Department, Professor and Drama Director Dr. K. Parthibaraja and their Group of Artists were also in the program. Welcome speech is given by Dr. N. Kumari.

College secretary Sr.  Alice K.T. and college Principal Dr. Sr. Regina Mary have given a blessingful speech and Drama Groups Director gave a speech on “Nadaga thamizh” and gave certificates to the prize winners. Department of (Banking and Insurance) got a Highest Marks and got overall Trophy in the program. The team enacted on the topic “Visaranai” for the college students. Vote of thanks is given by Dr. A. Gowthamaselvi department of Tamil shift II.


Vellore D.M.K Literature Club of Murasoli has conducted District Level Speech Competition on Topic of “Pavendhar Bharathidasan” . 18 students from our college participated and got certificates.

Consolidation Prize: R. Sasikala – II Physics.


Classroom Education publications has conducted a best Essay writer competition in Amirthalaya College, Jolar pettai and gave a Silamboli Sellappanar Award Professor’s from the department of Tamil Mrs. P. Latha and Mrs. A. Indumathi received those Award.


On behalf of Tamil department in seminar Hall at 11.00 am Vallalar Endowment Lecture was held. The chief guest of the Programmed was Dr. S. Thamarai Selvi, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Tamil, and D.K.M. College for women (Autonomous), Vellore gave a lecture on the Topic Vallalarin Vaazhviyal Sinthanaigal.


Members of IQAC conducted a workshop in our college on the Topic the Revised Accrediation Frame Work of NAAC for the staff members. Various Professors from various colleges have participated in the program.  Prof. Kuppan from Polytechnic College as a chief guest for the program.


In VIT University a program conducted on a Research and short stories by Malaysian Writters Many colleges were participated in the competition.

Prize winners:

Sowmiya – III B.Com (B&I)

Vinisha – I Maths ‘C’

Shri Viha Durga – III Maths ‘B’

Chris A Smith – II Physics

Shivaranjini.K – II Physics

SnehaPriya – I B.Com (B&I)

Were the Students got participation certificate P.Latha Professor Form Tamil Department accompanied them.


Due to Bharathiyar’s Birthday Tamil Department and vellore Readers Club conducted Debate on the topic Bharathiyar than Padalgalil Perithum Valiuruthuvathu Pen Vidudhalaiya? Man Vidhudhalaiya? Kavingar S. Lakumipathi who is the Secretary of Vellores Readers club came as the judge to the program (shift-II).  From II – Physics Chris A. Smith and I B.Com (Banking and Insurance) Snehapriya participated and spoke for the topic of  “ Mun Viduthalai”.


Program conducted on International Eloqution on the topic Pathinen Kizhkanakku Nullgal for the following colleges. Don Bosco from Yellagiri Sacred Heart from Tirupatthur, Auxilium College Katpadi and Don Bosco College from Dharmapuri. T. Vivanantha Rasa professor in Srilankan East University as a chief guest for the Eloqution and also professors from Tamil Department gave Articles on the Topic: ‘Pathinen Kizhkanakku’


On Literature Function, Storytelling, Drama and Speech was conducted in Vellore, Samsith Mant Litero Jee School. Our College Tamil Department Professor A. Indumathi went as Chief Guest. More than 200 students participated in the competition.


Pongal celebration was celebrated in our college by (Tamil Department) Maa.  Vedhanayagar Tamil Mandram. Vellore Dhanabhagyam Krishnaswamy Mudhaliyar Women’s College Tamil Department H.O.D Sujatha came as the Chief guest and gave a speech on the topic of “Iyarkai Padhukappil Ilaiyorin Pangalippu”.  Our college Secretary and Principal gave Pongal greetings to students; Function was ended with cultural programs.


Auxilium College History Department conducted a Role change competition on the topic “Historical Pageant” Tamil Department, Assistant Professor Dr. R. Preetha was Judge of the event.


Tamil Department on 05.02.2020 conducted Grand Parents Club on the college’s Seminar Hall. In which grandparents of our college students participated and had their conversation with their grand children’s. More than 20 grandparents participated and shared their Feelings.

Time: 11.30A.M to 1.00P.M.


Tamil Department conducted an essay writing competition on behalf of Gopala Krishna Endowment on Feb 5th. The competition took place from morning 9.30A.M to 11.30P.M in the college’s Seminar Hall.

Topic: “Muthamizh Vithagar Aringar Anna”
“Aringar Annavin Arasiyal Parvai”

Prize Winners:

First Prize:     S. Razhitha Banu – I BCom

Second Prize: S. Swathy – I Maths C sec

Third Prize:   S. Meena – II Bio Chemistry

6, 7.02.2020

Tamil Department and Thiruvannamalai District Historical research centre conducted 2day Training Workshop on epigraph in the College Auditorium from morning 9.30A.M to 5.00P.M. The Workshop was conducted in 7 parts. The Chief Guest of the event was Dr. Pungundran, Director Archeology department’s Epigraph Researcher.  Dr. K. Kuzhandaivelu. Tanjore’s Tamil University Epigraph and archeology department Head and Manuscript specialist Dr. P. Jayakumar gave his Guest Lecturer. Thiruvannamalai District Historical Research Centre assistant Head Dr. R. Sekar, Vellore. Museum Supervisor Mr. M. Gandhi and Kaveripakkam Government High School Former Head master Mr. K. Venkatesan, Tamil website and Epigraph research of Tamil Nadu government from Chennai were part of the program and gave speech.

On 07.02.2020 the Validictory day, Vellore Fort Rotary club Chairman Mr. T. Ravi Kumar and Rotory Club Fort Women Mr. R. VaniAbirami were part of the programe and delivered their speech and distributed the certificates. In This program college Professor’s, Students and People interested in Tamil took part in the event who were nearly 500 in number Every one made use of the program and were enriched welcome speech was delivered by Head of Tamil Department Dr. N. Kumari , College Secretary Dr. Sr. Alice gave her Wishing speech college Principal Dr. Sr. Amala Valarmathi supported the event Vote of Thanks was delivered by Assistant Professor S. Deepa, Department of Tamil.


College day was celebrated Chief Guest of the event was Member of Parliament Dr. M. Dhayanithimaran and delivered his speech. In this event tamil department Assistant Professors the Books released were:

Dr. E. Gowthamaselvi - “Sangakala Pulavargalin Pulamai Nalam”

Dr. R. Preetha - “Jardhan Kollai - Pazhankudigal”

Mrs. S. Deepa – “Ra. Sodhivananin Thirukkural Thennavan oru Aaivu”

Mrs. P. Latha – “Anbhukku Muthumai Illai (Thoppil Mohammed Meeran – Aaivu”

Mrs. A. Indumathi – “Kattaru Kavithai Thoguppu”.


Auxilium College History Department conducted a women’s Day Celebration Debate competition On the Topic: Intha Nuttrandhil pengalin urimaigal Mathikkapadhugiratha? Marukkapadhugiratha? Tamil Department Asst. Prof. Dr. R. Preetha was the Judge of the event.

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