Annual Report (2019-2020)

Name of the Movement AICUF
Unit Advisor Rev. Sr. J. Irine Towle
Staff in charge 1. Ms. A. Amalarathinam, Asst. Prof., Dept. of Mathematics(Shift I).
2. Ms. P. Elavarasi, Asst. Prof., Dept. of Social Work.
President Ms. J. Jane Preethi, III B. Sc. Mathematics (Shift I).
Vice-President Ms. R. Annie, II B. Sc. Mathematics (Shift I).
Secretary Ms. C. Ramya Joys, III B. Sc. Mathematics (Shift I).
No. of Members 105


Event Workshop & Theatre Training
Date 28.06.2019-30.06.2019
Venue Auxilium College, Vellore – 6.
No. of Participants 55
Report 55 AICUF members of Auxilium College, Katpadi took part in a workshop which was organized by Rev. Dr. (Sr.) Regina Mary R. at Auxilium College campus. Dr. Parthibaraja, Head of the Dept. of Tamil, Sacred Heart College, Tirupattur, Mr. Kumanan and Mr. Rajasekar were the invited trainers. In this workshop the students learnt a lot regarding Street play, Parai and Kaliyal. They also prepared street plays on the topics ‘Save Water’, ‘Hydro-Carbon’, ‘Right to Vote’ and ‘New Education Policy’.


Event Street Play
Date 10.07.2019
Venue Auxilium College, Vellore – 6.
No. of Participants 30
Report A street play on ‘New Education Policy’ was performed by the AICUF members at Auxilium College campus.


Event Full-timer Visit
Date 19.07.2019
Venue Auxilium College, Vellore – 6.
No. of Participants 50
Report Mr. Herculus (Full-timer) gave an awareness talk to the AICUF members of Auxilium College, Katpadi regarding women safety, child abuse and sexual harassment. He also spoke about the history of AICUF.


Event Group Introduction
Date 08.08.2019
Venue Auxilium College, Vellore – 6.
No. of Participants 15
Report The freshers were given introduction to AICUF movement by Street play, Parai and Kaliyal after which 40 new members were selected among the freshers.


Event Group Inauguration
Date 18.09.2019
Venue Auxilium College, Vellore – 6.
No. of Participants 40
Report 40 AICUF members of Auxilium College, Katpadi renewed their motto in front of Rev. Sr. Alice K. T., Secretary of the college and the gathering.


Event Street Play
Date 16.10.2019
Venue Auxilium College, Katpadi.
No. of Participants 10
Report 10 AICUF members of Auxilium College, Katpadi took part in the Street play on the topic ‘Say No to Plastic’ which was held in front of the Auditorium during the break to create the awareness among the students.


Event Rally
Date 16.10.2019
Venue Auxilium School, Katpadi.
No. of Participants 60
Report 60 AICUF members of Auxilium College, Katpadi accompanied by Ms. A. Amalarathinam, Asst. Prof. of Mathematics and Ms. Elavarasi, Asst. Prof. of Social work took part in the Rally which was held in Auxilium School, Katpadi to create the awareness among the School students regarding the effects of using plactics and to motivate them to stop using it.


Event National Camp on ‘Neuro Linguistic Programming and Entrepreneurial Skills for Women’.
Date 28.11.2019 to 30.11.2019
Venue AICUF House, Chennai.
No. of Participants 03
Report 03 AICUF members (P. Maria Daffini, P. Swetha & R. Annie) of our college took part in the National Camp which was headed by Rev. Fr. Immanuvel. Ms. Clarises from Jaipur took charge of this camp. Mr. Arul Raja addressed the AICUFers about Women Empowerment, Women Liberty and Entrepreneurial Skills for Women and also presented a documentary film about a woman who raised her own business. Ms. Julie, Assistant Professor, Department of English, Loyola College gave a presentation on Great Women who fought for the Liberation in the Society. There was a group discussion on the problems faced by the girls after attending their Puberty.


Event Street Play
Date 10.12.2019
Venue Auxilium College, Vellore – 6.
No. of Participants 21
Report 21 of our AICUF members performed a street play on the ‘Problems faced by the Women’ to commemorate the Human Rights Day.


Event Christmas Celebration
Date 20.12.2019
Venue Abdullahpuram Srilankan Refugee Camp
No. of Participants 25
Report 25 of our AICUF members accompanied by Rev. Sr. Irine, Rev. Sr. Esther and Ms. Elavarasi visited the Srilankan Refugee Camp at Abdullahpuram and joyfully celebrated the Christmas. They presented them an emergency lamp as a token of love and the Christmas message was given by Rev. Sr. Irine. After which the sweets were distributed to the refugee children.


Event Full-timer Visit
Date 17.02.2020
Venue Auxilium College, Vellore – 6.
No. of Participants 45
Report Mr. Jaison Paulraj (Full-timer) from St. Joseph’s College AICUF House visited the AICUF members and gave an awareness talk on Citizenship Amendment Act(CAA) and National Register of Citizens(NRC).
  • Twice a month our AICUF members visit the Sri Lankan refugee camp at Abdullahpuram and help the school children in their studies. Nearly 40 of the AICUF Members are involved in this activity and 50 School children are benefitted.
  • Once a week formative meetings are conducted for the AICUF members to discuss about the current issues of the society.


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The vision of the college is the education of young women especially the poorest to become empowered and efficient leaders of integrity for the society.


To impart higher education to the economically weak, socially backward and needy students of Vellore and neighbouring districts.

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