Year of establishment and Objectives



  • The origin of the Past Pupils’ Movement is to be sought in the Preventive System, based as it is on the supernatural love of the Saint for the young. The pupils felt themselves loved by Don Bosco
  • It was started on June 24, 1870.
  • Don Bosco’s advice: “Remain united and help one another”acts as an inspiration to all


  1. To reinforce and bring to perfection in the souls of the Past-Pupils the spirit of Don Bosco, and to encourage the practical application of his teachings in individual, family and social life.
  2. To promote the spiritual unity of the Past-Pupils and the actual membership of the Organization in its National, Regional and Local centers.
  3. To preserve and reanimate the sentiments of affectionate gratitude on the part of the Past-Pupils towards their educators.
  4. To keep in touch with the Past-Pupils and to keep alive among them the happy relationship of good fellowship, even to the extent of eventual reciprocal spiritual and material help.
  5. To rouse and actuate those forms of personal and collective activity, which help to satisfy the religious, moral and cultural needs of the Past-Pupils.


Vision: Integrally formed young women to be the agents of social transformation in today’s India.

Specific Objectives:

Acknowledge God as the centre of our life.

  • To become signs that make God’s love visible.
  • Have courage to think, decide and act with conviction.
  • Make right choices in the daily events of life.
  • Lead an exemplary life in the work place.

Action Plan:

  • Strengthen Salesian Spirituality among the unit members
  • Strengthen the Past Pupils unit through social media (Whats app group)
  • Collect details of past pupils outside our institute
  • Conduct outreach programmes to render service to migrants
  • Encouraging moment of prayer, picnic, family get together and sharing
  • Render generous service to the Alma Mater
  • Conduct tuition for the slow learners of our College
  • Encouraging contributions to support the deserving students
  • Increase interest in providing articles for the college magazine
  • To be a responsible mother, sister, daughter, etc., in families

Alumnae Association

Job opportunities in India and Abroad

The Alumnae Association is the rallying center of the alumnae of the College and a connecting link between the past and the present students. It is one of the units of the worldwide organization of the Past Students of the Salesian Sisters Society.

The objective of the association is three fold:

  • To foster and maintain among the past students the Salesian Family spirit.
  • To take an active interest in the welfare of the College.
  • To assist students who may be in need of financial or other help.

Dear Auxilian,Greetings of Peace and Joy!

Auxilium College has already completed 50 years of fruitful service in the field of higher education. It is a definite starting point indeed for a new beginning and a daring venture with greater commitment and total dedication. As we begin the second half of the century in the history of our College, I firmly believe that we have embarked on a new phase. We feel confident to move in this new direction because we, everyone of the constituents of the College community, especially you dear past pupils, have been synergised and revitalized. Let us strengthen our bonds and journey together towards greater excellence.

You will be glad to know of all that is happening at Auxilium. I would like to inform you that we are awaiting the visit of the UGC Team for the grant of Autonomy. The College is growing steadily and the needs are also on the increase for more and more infrastructural facilities. We are planning to construct a Science Research Block, Social Work Centre, PG Hostel, an Administrative Block and an Outdoor Gallery along with other facilities in the playground. We would like to augment the Student Welfare Fund for granting scholarships and fee concessions to the deserving students. We look forward to your generous contribution towards all the above projects. Your liberal contributions are eligible for tax exemption under the 80 G Income Tax Exemption Act. You are also welcome to subscribe for books, magazines, periodicals and journals for the College or the Departmental Library. Donations of any equipment are also most welcome!

Please keep in touch with the college and your department and keep us informed of your doings and achievements. We are in the process of updating the Auxilium Alumnae Database. Hence I kindly request you to fill the particulars in the given format and mail it immediately to the email id auxiliumcollege@yahoo.com and send the same also by mail enclosing your recent photograph.

We eagerly wait to hear from you. Be sure of our prayers for you and all the members of your family and for all that you hold dear. May God bless and grant you all your hearts desires. May He fulfill every one of your plans and make all your dreams come true.

Yours affectionately,

Dr. (Sr.) Regina Mary R., M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D.,

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Members of the committee

Past Pupil’s Delegate : Dr. (Sr.) R. Regina Mary, Principal, Auxilium College
Unit President : Dr. (Mrs.) Sabarmathi A., Assistant Professor, Dept. of Mathematics, Auxilium College
Unit Counsellor : Ms. Amalarathinam A., Assistant Professor, Dept. of Mathematics, Auxilium College.

Past Pupil Meeting Report

Past Pupil’s Meet – 9th July 2017

Past Pupil Meet – INM
9th July 2017.
Auxilium Home, Katpadi.

The meeting took place on 9th July 2017 at Auxilium Home in Katpadi, Vellore. 102 past pupils and 14 sisters from 14 houses participated. The whole session was led by Ms. Jeromea. The meeting started at 9.30 am with a prayer service conducted by Sr. Lidvin from Polur unit. Ms. Victoria, the Past Pupil President welcomed the participants. Sr. Amala Dass wished and gave her blessings to everyone.

Sr. Amali Alexander, the General Coordinator in the first session, spoke on “Verification: Experience of encounter that transforms towards Triennial Evaluation”. In that, she discussed the goals of the 23rd General Chapter and also she explained how to deal with the obstacles to the goals of the General Chapter. She also mentioned that the 24th General Chapter will be held on October 2018. At 10.45 am there was a break and refreshments were served.

At 11.10 am the next session begun. In that Sr. Jayaceli, ——– spoke on “Young People, Synod – Past Pupils”. She spoke about past pupils’ life, the meaning of synod, youth, faith and vocation discernment. Especially, she insisted on the responsibility of past pupils in dealing with today’s youth. She asked the young past pupils to go through the website ‘www.exallieve.fma.org’ and fill the Vatican Synod Document.

After that, a group discussion was conducted and the past pupils were divided into 10 groups. The discussion was about salesian spirituality, strengthening the past pupil association, life according to Gospel values. At 1.30 pm there was a lunch break.

After lunch, the consolidated points of the group discussion were again discussed in the general assembly by Sr. Glorina Reeta. She also insisted on creating a webpage for the past pupil association in order to update and develop the activities. Also, she encouraged the past pupils to write articles in the newsletter called ‘Vibration’.

Following that, three past pupils of 80’s batch Ms. Sachu Kumari, Ms. Sumathi and Ms. Mary Sumathi, shared their experiences about how the values learnt from the salesian family helped them in their development. After that, some past pupils from the gathering shared how they enjoyed the day.

At last Ms. Angel from Kodambakkam unit proposed the vote of thanks. The meeting ended successfully with a Mass

Past Pupil’s Meet – 21st July 2017

Date : 21st July 2017
Time : 1.00 p.m. – 1.45 p.m.
Venue : Media Block Seminar Hall
Organizer : Dr. (Sr.) Regina Mary, Assistant Professor, Department of Zoology
Members present : 74 alumnae staff members, Auxilium College

The first past pupils’ meet for the year 2017-18 was organized by Dr. (Sr.) Regina Mary, Assistant Professor of Zoology on 21st July, 2017. The meeting started at 1.00 pm with the prayer song ‘Blessed are you merciful’. 74 alumnae staff members participated.

Ms. A. Amalarathinam, Assistant Professor of Mathematics reported and shared her experiences about the province level Past Pupil Meet which was held on 9th July 2017 at Auxilium Home, Katpadi.

Dr.(Sr.) Regina Mary spoke on the topic, “Young People, Synod – Past Pupils”. She explicatedon past pupils’ life, meaning of Synod, faith and vocational discernment through a power point presentation.

Dr. A. Sabarmathi, Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics(Shift-I) was selected as the President and Ms. A. Amalarathinam, Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics(Shift-I) and Ms. D. Tamizhenthi, Assistant Professor, Department ofPhysics(shift-II) were selected as the councilors of the Past Pupils’ Association,Auxilium College.

Alumnae Day

Report on Past Pupils’ Meet

Date : 02.10.2018
Venue : Auditorium, Auxilium College, Katpadi, Vellore-632 006
Organizer : Dr. (Sr.) Regina Mary R., Principal.

The registration started at 9.00 a.m. and 66 past pupils with their family members attended the meet. The meet started at 10.30 a.m. with a prayer service organized by Ms. Akshaya S., Assistant Professor, Department of English. To commemorate the 150th Birth Anniversary of our national father Mahatma Gandhiji, the Department of Tamil organised a Talk Show on “Ahimsa way (The method of non-violence)”. The eminent student speakers and faculty members of Department of Tamil participated in the Talk Show. Rev. Sr. Regina Mary concluded the Talk Show. Then the formal Annual Alumni Meet started with a welcome Address by Ms. Sangeetha Rani, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry. Rev. Sr. Amalorpavam S.J. honoured the Chief Guest Ms. Uma Maheshwari, Past Pupil of Chemistry Department and currently maintaining an after care home. In the special address, the chief guest beautifully shared her experiences and challenges faced in undertaking social activities. She motivated the past pupils to face the social challenges positively. Rev. Sr. Amalorpavam S.J. and Dr. Sr. Regina Mary R. felicitated the gathering followed by the Sharing session of past pupils. Subsequently, all the past pupils actively participated in the games organized by faculty members of the Department of Communication Media. Rev. Sr. S.J. Amalorpavam distributed the gifts to the winners. Ms. Ramya, Assistant professor, Department of Computer Science delivered the vote of thanks and the meet ended with the College Anthem. The lunch was provided to all the participants.



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The vision of the college is the education of young women especially the poorest to become empowered and efficient leaders of integrity for the society.


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