Auxilium College (Autonomous)
Accredited by NACC with A+ Grade a CGPA of 3.55 out of 4 in the 3rd cycle
Gandhi Nagar,Vellore - 632 006


A. General Information

Staff Code


Date Of Birth



Area of Specialization

Address (Residence)

B. Academic Qualifications
Examination Passed Board/ University Subjects Year Grade
C. Research Experience and Training
Research Stage Title of Work / Thesis University where the work was
carried out
Number of students
(M.Phil. / Ph.D.)
At the Beginning Registered
During the Year
During the Year
D. Research Projects carried out / carrying out
Title of the Project Name of the Funding Agency Duration Remarks
E.Seminars, Conferences, Symposia, Workshops etc attended

a) Seminars, Conferences, Symposia, Workshops etc attended

S. No Name of the seminar/ Conference/ Symposia Workshop, etc Name of the Sponsoring Agency Place and Date

b) Number of Research Papers published

c) Details of Seminars, Conferences, and Symposia organized:

d) Patents taken if any, give a brief description:

e) Membership of Professional Bodies, Editorship of Journals etc

F. Teaching Experience
Courses Taught Name of the University/ College Duration

Total Teaching Experience

a)Under Graduate

b)Post Graduate

c)M. Phil

(e) Regularity and Punctuality:

d) Class Taught

Class Assigned per week ** : L/T/P Periods Taught in the Week Periods Taught in the year L/T/P Steps taken for the teaching of periods missing during absence of leave

* To be filled at the end of every academic year

  • * L = Lecture
  • T = Tutorial
  • P = Practical
    • (f) Details of courses, teaching plan,synopses and reading lists supplied to students:

(g) Details of participation in the following

(i) University Evaluation

(ii) Internal Evaluation

(iii) Paper Setting

(iv) Assessment of Home Assignments

(v) Conduct of Examinations

(vi) Evaluation of Dissertation etc

G. Innovative /Contributions in Teaching

a) Design of Curriculum

b) Teaching Methods

c) Laboratory Experiments, Formulated Syllabus

d) Evaluation Methods

e) Preparation of resource material Including books, reading materials,Laboratory manuals etc

f) Remedial Teaching/ student Counseling(Academic)

g) Any Other

H. Extension Work/ Community Service

a) Give a short account of your contribution to

(i) Community work such as values of National Integration, Secularism,Democracy, Socialism, Humanism,Peace, Scientific temper, flood or drought relief, small family norms, etc

(ii) National Literacy Mission

(b) Positions held/ Leadership role played in organizations linked with extension work and National Service Scheme (NSS) or any other similar activity

I. Participation in Corporate Life

Give a short account of your contribution to

a) College / University/ Institution

b) Co-curricular Activities

c) Enrichment of Campus Life(Hostels, Sports, Games, Cultural activities)

d) Students welfare and Discipline

e)Membership/ Participation in bodies

f) Committees on Education and National Development

J. Professional Organization of Teachers

Give a short account of your contribution to

(a) Membership of Professional Bodies,Societies, etc

(b) Editorship of Journals

(c) Any other information